Who we are

Welcome to MTM!

Medrina Technology Management, LLC was founded in 2012 and is a California-based revenue cycle management company providing BPO (business process outsourcing) services to healthcare providers across the globe, with its sole focus to enhance the revenue cycle for hospitals and healthcare providers. We provide healthcare solutions to providers in a broad spectrum of specialities we are never complacent and have continued to improve our processes as well as to adapt to any legislative changes that occur.

We understand the business of medicine and know how to improve your bottom line as well as how to increase your practice's efficiency. Our teams listens closely and carefully analyze your requirements in order to provide customized solutions which are designed to allow you to focus more on your core business of patient care. The MTM team understands and is sensitive to the many variables and challenges which today’s medical practitioners’ face in operating a thriving practice. Our processes integrate very advanced software which is able to seamlessly interface with electronic clearing-houses yet has an incredible ease of use.

We approach every project as a partnership and are here to lend our expertise to advance the efficiency of your office operations. Our goal is to help you maximize profit while minimizing expenses and wasted time. These losses are preventable and often associated with lack of experience, improper processing and/or coding, and a poor or non-existent infrastructure. Focused as we are on every detail and committed to the success of our partner practices, MTM will be there for your staff every step of the way, producing optimal results.

In accordance with industry-wide standards and regulations, MTM is HIPAA compliant and has extensive knowledge of the laws that govern this industry. We invite you to become an MTM practice partner so that you too can reap the benefits which our existing customers enjoy every day. Allow us to ease your frustration and worry. We will help turn your medical billing / practice management maze into a finely tuned lucrative operation.

Our Mission

Medrina Technology Management was born out of a growing need among variously sized healthcare entities to optimize revenues. In these days of declining reimbursements and unhelpful and unresponsive insurance carriers, large and small medical providers have found that they need the services of educated and well-trained professionals to assist them in obtaining optimal compensation for their medical services. Whether the payor is private insurance, Medicare, worker's compensation or any other entity, MTM's mission is to optimize the revenue of our clients, while keeping them compliant with the complex and ever-changing laws governing medical billing.

Our Frontline Team

Howard Weinstein

Co-Founder, President

+1(818) 207-2483

Austin Pathak

Co-Founder, CEO, COO

+1 (562) 375-0472

Abhishek Chauhan

Vice-President Operations

+1 (562) 375-0643

Mukesh Nigam

Vice President-Human Resources

+1 (562) 375-0721

Ojas Dubey

Manager Billing Operations

+ 1(562) 375-0550