Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Medrina Technology Management provides complete revenue cycle management services to hospitals, physician groups & individual healthcare practices.

Beyond just tracking a claim, your revenue cycle encompasses all the many steps from when a patient first makes an appointment to the time when there is no longer a balance on that person’s account. It includes front-end office tasks like appointment scheduling and insurance eligibility verification; tasks related to clinical care like coding and charge capture; and back office tasks like claims submission, payment posting, statement processing and the management of denied claims. The extent to which your practice has a handle on these steps directly impacts your ability to get paid the full amount you are owed as quickly as possible.

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Today, the efficiency of a medical practice’s billing operations has a critical impact on financial performance. Determining the ultimate gatekeepers of the billing function – whether an in house team or a third party company – is one of your most important decisions. We Focus on the key drivers of your revenue cycle, and provides a tool to help you determine if your practice is proficient at Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), or if you would benefit by outsourcing billing to us.

The expected outcomes of outsourcing your Revenue Cycle Management:

  • Decreased Overall Costs
  • No Investment in technology & resources
  • Highest Quality Standards
  • Meeting and achieving the SLAs
  • Increased/accelerated cash recovery
  • Employing Continues Improvement

The following are the flexible outsourcing models that are designed to meet clients' financial objectives:

  • FTE (full time employee) - based Pricing
  • Transaction-based Pricing
  • Net Revenue Collection percentage