How we can reduce the cost to collect.

Workers’ compensation collections can seem like a stress-induced migraine for providers. Between special terminologies, unique collection forms and legal obstacles, many practices don’t have the resources or know-how to properly bill a worker compensation case. Hence, MTM is able to reduce your cost in comparison to in-house collections, while increasing the collection ratio through our dedicated efforts on each single account. You may very well find as many of our clients have, that, while working with MTM your cost to collect is reduced by more than 30%. Furthermore, many of our clients have reported an increase in their collection totals by 20% or more since letting MTM handle their A/R.

Medrina Technology Management, LLC is proud of our experienced team of collectors and hearing representatives. The company provides regular training in collection techniques with emphasis on interpretation and application of the SB 863, California Labor Code, and Rules and Regulations. Our intense education program empowers our collectors to argue aggressively and successfully resolve cases.

WC Collections

  • Our Team diligently works on all accounts, to make sure we are collecting the optimal reimbursements our clients rightfully deserve.
  • We file SBR/IBR timely so we are able to tackle any underpaid case then and there.
  • We timely respond to all claim denials and objections with specially crafted Objection letters and demand for payment in full.
  • Negotiate maximum settlements – using the Official Medical Fee Schedule (OMFS) including Penalties and Interest when applicable.
  • File all necessary lien documents through EAMS.

WC Litigation

We have a comprehensive WCAB litigation department that strategically collaborates with renowned workers’ compensation experts to maximize collection results. From the very inception of each case, our expert WCAB legal hearings and representation team is focused on maximizing the amount we collect on every account. MTM promises that we will:

  • Represent you at all Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board locations statewide using experienced courtroom negotiators.
  • Our calendaring system ensures hearings are never missed.
  • We offer a level of service that no other company does. Every option will be exhausted to win your case.
  • We prepare every file with Stips and Issues, allowing for maximum recovery.