MTM A committed resource!

MTM is a Revenue Cycle Management company; we offer focused cost effective process improvement solutions to medical providers and facilities in the healthcare industry.

Our intended focus is to optimize revenues for our clients across multiple specialties and to assist them with keeping compliant, current and efficient.

Meet our customers and read their opinions

  • "Signing up with MTM was the best decision I ever made.  We have experienced a significant increase in revenues.  The staff is friendly and easy to talk with."

    Brent Krulac
    Krulac Medical Inc DBA See The Trainer, Client Since 2013
  • "MTM is very professional.  They have been able to collect on cases I thought were completely non-collectable, and I trust them."

    Dr. Robert Kuskin, DC
    Noble Physical Therapy, Client Since 2015
  • I have been with your company for about one year  .  I have been very disappointed with other billing and collection companies before I knew Medrina. I am lucky that I have discovered your company. I find that you and your staff are very knowledgeable with all the collection aspects & in particular the workers comp business. I have handed you almost$ 4.5 Million of a very very old( 10 years or more) accounts receivable, that I thought I shall never see a dime, thanks for all the effort & your diligence & unrelenting effort in pursuing the collection of every penny.  You have provided an excellent& through service that is very unique and is really unparalleled. I highly recommend Medrina for ALL doctors & surgical facilities. Indeed I am proud of you & your staff as I find you all working hard for collecting my money

    M. S. Bahna, M.D.
    Bel Air Surgical Institute, Client Since 2014